Nutrition For Pregnant Women with Diabetes

One of the most important aspect that must be considered during pregnancy is the proper nutrition. This not only can be achieved by eating a various foods from different food groups but also by taking prescribed supplement. Because not all pregnant women are looking forward to eating a variety of foods that are good sources of important nutrients during pregnancy, taking the supplements such as calcium, multivitamins and iron is needed to support the growth of babies in the womb.

Generally, pregnant women are advised to eat a balanced diet consist of foods from all food groups so that can provide the proper nutrition for babies and herself.

To achieve optimal nutrition, pregnant women are advised to consume foods rich in calcium, iron, minerals and vitamins, which can be found on wheat bread, pasta, brown rice, fruits, vegetables, fish, and dairy products. Here are some pregnant women nutritional needs during pregnancy.

  • Protein: Protein is very important during pregnancy because it provides the building blocks for your baby's growth, especially in proper brain development. Pregnant women with diabetes are advised to aim for 30 grams of protein daily or more is to come from a variety of animal and dairy products like cheese, eggs, fish, chicken, beef, lamb, yogurt, cereals, grains, pasta, beans , nuts, beans, broccoli, peas, and green leafy vegetables.
  • Calcium: For the formation of bones and teeth, calcium intake pregnant women a significant other should improve nutrition. Experts say that about 1,200 mg of calcium per day is recommended for breastfeeding and pregnancy. sources of calcium include dairy products and green leafy vegetables.
  • Iron: Iron is an essential mineral that is needed to avoid the possibility of iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy. Iron intake is recommended for pregnant women is 30 to 50 mg which should come from lean meats, green leafy vegetables, eggs, and cereal grain.
  • Vitamin C: Enough supply of Vitamin C is very important for pregnant women because the calm to strengthen immunity and help build collagen in the bones and teeth strong for baby growth. Because Vitamin C can not be restored in body, fresh supply is required every day to ensure that mothers get enough of this nutrient. Excellent source of Vitamin C include leafy green and yellow vegetables and yellow fruits.
Pregnant women with diabetes should pay more attention on their eating patterns are now more than ever because maintaining an appropriate level of glucose is to contribute to the overall of both mother and child.