Diabetes Causes

Any type of disease we are suffering there must be a reason. When someone in the indication of diabetes usually they will do a search on the causes of diabetes.

The signs or symptoms of diabetes can be known by knowing the changes that occur. Some of the changes that occur in a person when he was stricken with diabetes, among others, drinking and urinating become more frequently, and the weight continues to decline, easy lethargic. This change lasts long enough and usually tend to go unnoticed by potential diabetics. Until finally one must go to the doctor and check blood levels (glucose) blood.

The causes of diabetes depending on the type of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is occur due triggered by certain infections, with some evidence pointing to the Coxsackie virus B4. There are elements of individual genetic susceptibility to multiple triggers that have been traced to particular HLA genotypes. However, even in those who have inherited susceptibility, type 1 diabetes mellitus seems to require environmental triggers. While Type 2 diabetes primarily because of lifestyle and genetic factors.